2018 Roadtrip Finale

Besides sitting around, trying to stay warm, and waiting for New Year’s, I’m never sure what to do during that week after Christmas. This past year, we decided to take a roadtrip.


Some of my roadtrips are for the purpose of collecting counties (and seeing new places!). Some roadtrips are just to be on the go. The last roadtrip of 2018 was somewhere in between. We both felt we needed to just go somewhere, anywhere, primarily in a southerly direction. I looked at my county map and suggested we close out my remaining counties in Alabama. She conferred.


So, we hit the backroads…at a slow pace. I wasn’t in a hurry, it was often cloudy and wet outside, there was no per-day quota on counties, and I kept my camera (mostly) packed away. We just drove. There wasn’t much traffic (yip-pee!) as we zig-zagged down to Tuscaloosa, over and down to Biloxi to color in that southeast corner of Mississippi, returned east to Alabama to visit Mobile and Fairhope for some tourist activities, to Florida for a couple of panhandle counties, up into Alabama again to Dothan, then further north, across the river into Georgia and back, and up to Tennessee. A four-night roadtrip, where we closed out Alabama, colored-in eleven other random counties, and returned home before the new year.


My county map is mostly green (Aquamarine Teal?) because that is the color I first used two years ago when I marked all the counties I had ever visited. It was only this past summer when I started to signify each trip of new counties with a color other than aquamarine teal. You can see that previous trip I took to Texas colored yellow, that trip to Lexington in red, my summer trip out to California during the wildfires in blue, the family trip to Utah in yellow, and some New York City counties also in yellow. All totaled, I visited 244 new counties in 2018 during my random trips. My percentage of U.S. counties increased from 34% to 42%. Out of 3142 counties, I have been to 1320; only 1822 more to go. Happy Travels!


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